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Infrawarm® quality
Future-proof, cost- and energy-efficient products

Why you should choose Infrawarm®.

Our claim is future-proof, technically high-quality as well as cost- and energy-efficient products - with added value for people and our environment.

The fact that our technology is innovative and viable for the future is also confirmed by the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Hessen Agentur GmbH, which decided to support our project after an intensive review.

Our benefits

  • IP44 protection class confirms suitability as bathroom heater.
  • low weight due to lightweight construction
  • a flexible electronic control system serves to reduce power consumption while maintaining the same heating output.
  • all heaters are subjected to extensive testing before delivery.

The Infrawarm® heating system distributes heat evenly throughout the room. This means that it is heated evenly from floor to ceiling. It creates a clean air in the room, which is not based on air circulation and is therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

In addition, the infrared principle offers health-promoting aspects for everyone: inflammation, muscle tension, migraines and general pain are only part of the healing effect of long-wave infrared. In addition, the immune system is demonstrably strengthened.

Another positive side effect: Due to the uniform heating of the building envelope (wall, floor, ceiling), damp walls, mold or bacterial colonization are a thing of the past.


Stromverbrauch unserer Infrarot-Heizkörper im Vergleich zu konventionellen Zusatzheizungen – günstiger als man denkt


What is infrared? Heating with infrared radiant heat

Infrared radiant heat - at present this stands for satisfied customers, but also for many speculations up to misinformation or misinterpretation. We would therefore like to give a brief overview of what infrared heating systems can do, what technology is in them, for whom they are suitable and how they are used efficiently and cost-effectively.

First of all, a few interesting figures: A survey in Austria and Germany on the subject of "infrared heating systems" yielded a surprising result: in Austria, almost 80% of respondents could associate something with the term "infrared heat radiation", whereas in Germany it was only 5%! The survey was conducted a few years ago, and in the meantime "radiant heat" has become more and more present in Germany as well. This is mainly due to innovative companies and their sophisticated products. Customers and users report extremely positively, sometimes euphorically, about the properties of infrared heating systems. Thus, many a dubious and demonstrably false publication could be refuted from an economic, customer specific as well as scientific point of view.

Our company has approached the technology scientifically from the very beginning. Thus, considerable funds were invested in R&D measures, among others thanks to the Hessen-Agentur and the funding program LOEWE (Landesoffensive zur Entwicklung wissenschaftlich- ökonomischer Exzellenz).

A competence team consisting of our own development engineers was formed in close cooperation with the Center for Solid State Analysis at the University of Giessen (headed by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bruno K. Meyer) and the Biolicht Institute at the Charité Hospital in Berlin (headed by Dr. Piazena). Together they developed such an innovative, marketable product.

Why infrared?

Why infrared? In the development of a modern heating system, the use of innovative technologies was in the foreground for us. For economic and technological reasons, but also for environmental awareness and forward thinking, we finally decided to use infrared rays as a heat source. Our infrared heaters have a powder-coated aluminum surface. This coating, in combination with the aluminum construction, provides excellent heat conduction properties and a constant positive energy balance. This is also confirmed by measurements of the performance and the intensity of the radiant heat, which were carried out by experts from the University of Giessen and the Institute Biolicht Berlin. Furthermore, our radiators withstood all certification and other testing procedures and meet the required standards and DIN regulations.

Heating with infrared. The benefits:

Infrawarm® radiators have an internal control that constantly monitors the surface temperature of the radiators and regulates them at 90°C. This results in lower power consumption than competing products. The lower temperature is perceived as more comfortable, as the temperature differences of the individual surfaces in a room are smaller. Despite a lower temperature of the radiator, we achieve the same heating performance.

The principle of action

The Infrawarm® heating system is installed either on the wall, ceiling or free-standing in the room. The generated heat is primarily emitted to the environment in the form of infrared C-rays. This heats people, objects and the building envelope. In addition, a reduced heat emission takes place on the back of the radiator. This then heats, for example, the wall or ceiling to which the radiator is attached. As a result, the entire room is heated more quickly, and the resulting heat can be used optimally and energy-efficiently. Since the room is warmed evenly, a pleasant atmosphere of well-being is created.


The functional principle

All surfaces in the room absorb and emit heat radiation. The higher-temperature surface gives off energy to the lower-temperature surface through radiation. The same happens in reverse, so that the magnitude of the radiation exchange is proportional to the difference between the two radiant powers. As a result of the radiation exchange, surface temperatures in the room equalize. The result is uniformly tempered surfaces, including furniture and room objects. The result: people feel comfortable in their surroundings.

The radiant power of the tempered surface follows the Stefan/Boltzmann law, which defines it as proportional to the fourth power of the absolute temperature of a surface. This is a decisive advantage: heat radiation is emitted solely by the surface temperature, i.e. independently of ambient temperatures.

Mounting and positioning

Infrawarm® infrared heaters can be positioned on the wall, ceiling or free-standing in the room. It is advisable to mount on the wall or ceiling, although ceiling mounting brings certain efficiency advantages. Infrawarm® infrared heaters should be placed as centrally as possible in the room or close to the places where people spend the most time. The Infrawarm® infrared heaters are then connected via a Schuko plug or, very popular for wall and ceiling mounting, via flush-mounted cabling. It is important to note that infrared radiators may only be operated with a suitable room thermostat. It is also important to note that flush-mounted wiring may only be carried out by qualified personnel.